Terms and Conditions
Thank you for browsing www.thebigthings.com(hereinafter referred to as “our Website”). Please read carefully the terms and conditions contained herein because any use of our Website means that you have accepted the terms and conditions stated herein.

Revision of terms
The Big Things Playground Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Big Things”) reserves the right to modify or discontinue our Website (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time, with or without notice. For any modification, suspension or termination of our Website, you agree that The Big Things shall not be liable to any responsibilities to you or any third party.

Notice to Users
Please read this agreement carefully before selecting your purchases. By selecting the “I Agree” checkbox, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by its conditions. If you are making a purchase on behalf of another person, you agree that you are making the purchase as their agent.

  • By purchasing a ticket for or by using any of the facilities at any The Big Things venue, the customer on its own behalf and on behalf of any other participant for whom the customer is purchasing a ticket (the customer and such other participants each being referred to as a “Participant “) agrees to be bound by these conditions. Any person accompanying a Participant (whether attending as a spectator or to supervise a child) is also deemed to be a Participant and shall be bound by these conditions.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, The Big Things, its employees, directors and agents are not liable to any Participants for personal injury or death suffered by any Participants, save and except where this has arisen directly from the negligence of The Big Things.
  • The Participant acknowledges that the recreational activities are dangerous with many inherent risks and hazards and as a consequence personal injury and sometimes death can occur and the Participant assumes and accepts all such risks and hereby waives the right to sue The Big Things for any personal injury or death in any way whatsoever caused by or relating to the Participant’s participation in such activities, save and to the extent caused directly by The Big Things’ negligence.
  • RISK WARNING: The use of Drawing table, The Big Things Theatre, Beaver’s school of architecture, Racetrack, Ant House, Big Tree Base Camp, Volcano Archipelago, slide and maintenance or any other equipment and activities at any The Big Things venue involves a significant risk of Participants suffering personal injury including the possibility of serious injuries, permanent disability or death. All Participants who engage in such recreational activities do so at their own risk.
  • Participants must use all the equipment at the The Big Things venue in a responsible manner, and with respect for their own safety and the safety of others. Participants may be liable to other individuals for their injuries, if such injuries arise from irresponsible, deliberate or reckless behavior. Participants must pay for any damage caused to any equipment at the The Big Things venue as a result of irresponsible, deliberate or reckless behavior.
  • The Participant agrees to pay the cost of and authorizes The Big Things to take all steps it considers reasonably necessary to protect his/her welfare in the event of personal injury, including the administration of any emergency medical treatment and ambulance transportation.
  • Any child below 8 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible paid adult (aged 16 or above) when entering The Big Things venue. Where a Participant is responsible for a child, the Participant agrees to be bound by these conditions on the child’s behalf. The Participant takes responsibility for the child’s safety and must directly supervise them at all times.
  • Participants must be in good health and free from any adverse medical conditions. For safety reasons, pregnant women, customers with pre-existing health issues or wearing of casts are permitted to enter the Playground but are not permitted to take participation in any of activities or use any of the equipment. If in doubt please seek medical advice.
  • While in any The Big Things venue the Participant consents to images and video being taken for security or promotional purposes of Participants and children for whom they are responsible. Such images and videos will be the exclusive property of The Big Things and the Participant agrees to the free publication and/or use in any form or media whatsoever of such images and videos, without payment or compensation.
  • All tickets remain the property of The Big Things and cannot be transferred or resold. They are valid only for the date shown and are void if tampered with.
  • The Participants must comply with all signs or other directions of The Big Things and The Big Things may suspend or cancel the Participant’s access to recreational activities at any The Big Things venue in its absolute discretion for non-compliance with these conditions, or for reckless or careless conduct.
  • Participants must look after their own belongings at the The Big Things venue. Items such as phones and cameras may get damaged if they are used whilst participating any activities, and The Big Things shall not be liable for any loss or damage to Participants’ property (howsoever caused) in the course of engaging in any recreational activities at the The Big Things venue.
  • If you or any Participant chooses to use any storage facilities offered by The Big Things, we do not recommend storing any valuables there. The Big Things will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property stored in any cloakroom or storage facilities at the The Big Things venue (whether arising from The Big Things’ negligence or otherwise).
  • If you purchase a ticket for the use of the facilities at the The Big Things venue on behalf of another person, you and that other person both agree that you make that purchase as the authorized agent of that other person so that he/she will be bound by these conditions.

Use of Data
All information, text, images, pictures, logos, graphics, files, trademarks, software, or other information of our Website (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) are protected by copyright, trademark and the relevant rules and regulations. All “Data” are owned by The Big Things. Without The Big Things’ consent, you cannot sell, resell, and change any of the “Data”; or copy, reproduce, remake, upload, download, post, transmit them, save or retrieve them at any recoverable system; show, exhibit, transmit them or use them for any other public or commercial purpose.

Accuracy, integrity and promptness of the Data
The Big Things is not responsible for the accuracy and integrity of the Data on our Website. You should bear the risk of trusting any materials posted on our Website. You also agree to pay personal attention to all changes of data and information on our Website at various times.

The Big Things does not provide any explicit or implicit warranties. We do not guarantee that our Website and other information will meet your expectations; or the results obtained from the use of our Website are correct or reliable, uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from error. You personally bear the risk of using our Website. Our Website is operated on the basis of “as is” and “as available”. The Big Things is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages.

The Big Things Group and / or other parties involved in creating, producing, or administering our Website on behalf of The Big Things shall not bear any legal responsibility or obligation for whatever reason or as a result of your access, use or inability to use our Website; for any changes in the content of the website or contact with any other websites through the links provided on our Website; or the scope permitted by applicable laws; or actions taken or not taken by The Big Things in response to your e-mail messages sent to The Big Things, be it direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special or punitive damages, costs, losses or liabilities.

The Big Things and / or other parties involved in the creation, production or transmission of our Website do not assume any responsibility in safeguarding the materials and services provided by our Website; or in the provision of any corrections, updates or announcements related to our Website. Any materials on our Website are subject to change without notice.

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